The hottest men's swimwear designs on the planet. Nothing less.

Did you know that bikini for men styles are some of the hottest suits on the beach this summer. Men attitudes about showing some skin are changing and so are the swimsuits they are wearing. Bikinis are actually considered mainstream styles now where as just a few years ago they were considered extreme swimwear designs but now suits considered extreme often show hints of exposed penis, have penis shaped pouches or are just pouch style suits.

Bikini for men designs are just the start of the most amazing line of men's swimwear you have ever laid eyes on. Extreme is all the rage at and our designs are as wild as there are wicked. Micro swimwear, sexy compression tights, spandex fetish wear, the world's smallest swimwear designs and so much more.

Bikini for Men

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Bikini for men

Thongs for men

G-strings for men and so much more! All made in the USA