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Bikini for Men

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Many men and women think that bikinis are only for the girls but the fact is the biggest trend in men's swimwear for the last few years has been bikinis for men. I have been wearing bikinis and smaller swimsuits for years and I know that many men wear bikini underwear as their go to style. I love the fit and feel of a bikini. I enjoy wearing them to the beach and sharing information with my bikini friends about where to find the coolest styles and the best ways to groom for wearing a very tiny bikini for men.

This site is about getting more men into wearing bikinis especially bikini swimwear designs. Men are just coming around to the concept that sexy swimwear is not only for the ladies. The trend in men's swimwear is skimpier and sleeker styles. Less is more and less looks way better on the beach than more does. Our goal is to help push along this growing trend of men in hot swimwear. We will not be happy until men of all shapes, sizes and ages feel as free to wear sexier swimsuits as the girls do.